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Pastor Bryan Tomes

Founding Pastor of Crossroads Community Church

Facebook: revtomes
Twitter: @revtomes

Pastor Bryan A. Tomes has been the lead pastor at Crossroads since 2005 when he and his wife, Jessica, felt a burden to revitalize a little church they visited in Fitchburg, MA. Through prayer, hard work, and reliance on the Holy Spirit, the church has grown into a thriving community of believers from all walks of life. Pastor Bryan is a Zion Bible College (now Northpoint Bible College) alumnus as well as a Teen Challenge graduate. His heart is to win souls for the kingdom and to see the power of God set people free! He is a visionary who sees potential in every person, and he desires to consistently bring people to the next level in their walk with God. His favorite place to be is spending time (and most likely laughing and joking) with his wife and four beautiful girls Mia, Madison, Mylee, and McKinsey.

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Roberto Cespedes

Executive Pastor

Facebook: bobbyhavana

Roberto Cespedes is not only our Executive Pastor and Pastor Bryan’s “right-hand," but a great husband and father, a Christian hip-hop enthusiast, and most definitely a go-getter when it comes to the work of the Lord. He oversees our new guest experience, Connect Groups, and our annual We Love Our City community outreach (WeLOC). Roberto’s desire is to reach the lost and to train up an army to transform the city of Fitchburg. He’s all about connecting, getting everyone plugged in, and seeing the church continuously maturing in the things of God. Roberto loves hanging out with his beautiful wife, Stephanie and his three children, Naomi, Natalia, and Jabez.

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Talitha Slocum

Worship and Arts Director

Facebook: Talitha.Slocum

Talitha (“T”) is our Worship and Arts Director here. She oversees the worship, drama, and musical elements of the service. She also uses her creative gifts in event planning and decor as well - from weddings to banquets. In church, you’ll see her on the platform in her Sunday best, but being the hands-on artist that she is, there’s a good chance you’ll see her covered in paint splatter and holding a hammer throughout the week! She and her husband, Steve, live at home in their farmhouse.

Profile image of Patty St. Jean

Patty St. Jean

Strategies and Development Pastor

Facebook: ptjstjean

Behind every amazing event we have at Crossroads is a God-inspired idea, lots of help from volunteers, and a remarkable strategy and development plan created by Pastor Patty St. Jean! She works closely with Pastor Bryan to ensure that all systems in the church are operating smoothly and efficiently. Patty also oversees all the creative elements of our service such as graphics, lighting, video, projection, and stage design. Her favorite place to be is anywhere where she can spend time and be silly with her husband, Pastor Tim, and 3 beautiful children: Joshua, Jeremiah, and Eliana.

Profile image of Jeffrey Farnsworth

Jeffrey Farnsworth

Student Ministries Pastor

Facebook: jrfarnsworth

Pastor Jeffrey has recently transitioned to being our Student Ministries Pastor here. He treats everyone he meets like family; with a smile and a hug! His heart is to help people find their identity and purpose in Christ alone. He is constantly uplifting others and encouraging them in their walk with God. He has a beautiful wife, Stephanie, and two children Judah and Maybelle. 

Profile image of Steve Pare

Steve Pare

Missions Pastor

Facebook: kerry.pare

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll hear these words (in a thick Boston accent) from our Missions Pastor, Steve Pare, who truly means it every time he says it! Never void of an encouraging word, you will always find him with a smile and a hug for everyone who walks into the doors of Crossroads. He and his beautiful wife, Kerry, see the potential in every individual regardless of their past or background. They long to see people of all nations saved and set free. Whether on a plane, in the streets, or in church, there is a good chance Pastor Steve will be telling others about the saving power of Jesus!

Profile image of Anthony Miller

Anthony Miller

Children's Pastor

Facebook: anthony.miller.50596

After years of working in the restaurant and medical fields, Anthony finally landed his dream job as the Children’s Pastor here. His passion and calling have always been to raise up the next generation for Christ! He’s constantly coming up with fun and interactive programs that make God’s word truly come alive to the kids. Anthony loves spending time (and taking trips to Disney) with his family. He has a beautiful wife, Michelle, and two boys, Logan and Christian.

Profile image of Adrian Gates

Adrian Gates

Communications Director

Facebook: Adrian.I.Gates

Adrian Gates has been a media professional since 2002 and is our Communications Director here at Crossroads. He also manages our amazing volunteers as our Serve Team Director. He oversees the production of our live services, webcasts, videos, and websites. He’s behind the scenes of every service, leading multiple teams that directly amplify and capture every salvation, baptism, and event. With his quick-witted sense of humor, easy going personality, and a coffee in his hand- we’re convinced there is no media issue that he can’t solve! In his spare time, you'll also find him playing bass and spending time with his lovely wife, Sarah, and two sons, Noah and Nicky.

Profile image of Justin Palojarvi

Justin Palojarvi

Creative Director

Facebook: justinstephaniebussell.palojarvi

Justin Palojarvi is our Creative Director, one of our amazing drummers, and also oversees all graphics, sound, and video. He is a Salem State University graduate with a BA in Advertising. He is responsible for all print and web media, as well as the sermon series packages and other marketing materials. He always works with a spirit of excellence, believing, and knowing that everything he does is unto the Lord! He loves spending time and being home with his beautiful wife, Stephanie and their dog, Rory.

Profile image of Courtney Koczur

Courtney Koczur

Office Administrator


Courtney is our Office Administrator and Assistant to Pastor Bryan. Whether you find her in the office working, on the platform praising, or out adventuring with friends, there is a 99% chance that she’ll be smiling and laughing. Her heart is for the young generation and seeing Jesus come in and radically transform their lives. Her favorite place to be is anywhere with her husband, Drew, and their family and friends!

Profile image of Jessica Tomes

Jessica Tomes

Executive Assistant

Facebook: Jessica.Tomes.7

Jessica Tomes is the Financial Executive Assistant at Crossroads. In addition, she is frequently described by her husband as his, "Good Thing." Jessica is part of the heart and soul of Crossroads, working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that everything is operating perfectly. She lives with her hubby, Pastor Bryan, and their four girls.

Profile image of Jay Blanchard

Jay Blanchard

Facilities Director

Facebook: james.blanchard.334

Jay Blanchard has the gift of making everybody who walks into Crossroads feel like they’re part of the family. That is fitting, because he happens to be the one who takes care of the Lord’s house! Jay is our Facilities Director here and Pastor Bryan’s armor bearer as well. He makes sure everything in the church is functioning correctly: from the parking lot all the way to the platform! He surrounds himself with his family of five children: Samantha, Dakota, Jordan, Jay Jay, and Jacob.

Profile image of Yeydi Jimenez

Yeydi Jimenez

Financial Administrator


Yeydi (pronounced “Jay-Dee”), worked in financial departments for 18 years, having no idea that God was preparing her for her current role here! She served on our Deacon Board for 3 years and recently joined the team as our Financial Administrator. With a smile always on her face and a passion to help others, Yeydi loves seeing the Kingdom of God being advanced in Fitchburg and all nations of the world. Her and her husband, Raul, love to have fun and go on adventures with their children!

Profile image of Rodica Ramos

Rodica Ramos

Cleaning Team Leader

Facebook: rodica.ramos

Previously employed as a Circus Clown, Rodica is on our team at Crossroads as our Cleaning Team Leader! She is known for her contagious smile, encouraging words, and her delicious homemade cheesecakes. She loves the Lord and works diligently as unto Him in everything she does. Her and her team work hard throughout the week to make sure that the Lord’s house stays clean and tidy! She loves spending time with her 2 children, Nichole and Christopher, her family, and friends.


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