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We believe in being a light for people who are in the darkness. People don't just need to be preached at; they need to see the love of Christ in action right where they are. So let's show Fitchburg some love! 

Despite a little bit of rain, our 2018 WeLOC Project day was fantastic. We visited more public parks and spaces than in any prior year! Plus we got to continue our work with Reingold Elementary to continue their library renovations and to work on the playground. For more, check out the Sentinel and Enterprise article covering the day by clicking here and watch the video below.

Past Clean Ups


Project Clean Up went Back-to-School

2015 was a monumental year - The first with both Spring and Fall project days! In the spring, we worked on over 30 different project sites, from simple projects like picking up trash and cleaning up lots to complicated construction, like our signature project to paint the rusted building on the corner of Main Street and Putnam. This 3 story complex had become rusted with paint chipping, which is not the inviting vision we all hope for our downtown. Now the block has a new fresh feel, paving the way for new things on Main Street.

Volunteers strip and paint 459 Main St

In the fall, we partnered with our friends at the Fitchburg CDC (Now known as NewVue Communities) and Reimagine North of Main to tear down the condemned "Funtasia" playground, secure some abandoned buildings on Academy Street, and clean up the public gardens at Longsjo Middle School. We also clean up the playground at Crocker elementary School alongside the PTO and staff.


Volunteers for the 2015 Serve Day




History of We Love Our City:

In 2011, we wanted to show our city the love of Christ. We trucked supplies and power tools to a rundown area of Fitchburg and cleaned it up.  Fences were mended, trees were removed, lots were landscaped, and trash was cleared out.  It made a huge impact in the lives of the people of Fitchburg. The highlight was the construction of public gardens at Longsjo Middle School.

In 2013, we cleaned up, rebuilt or painted 23 sites in the Elm St area of the city. Check out our extensive photo gallery on Facebook. This time, in addition to cleaning residential areas, we also cleaned both the Green Street and Elm Street parks. We accepted the offer to paint an inspirational mural on Crescent Street. We hope this will provide a visual reminder of the beauty Fitchburg holds.

In 2014, over 300 volunteers from Crossroads Community Church joined with us to beautify the downtown area at over 23 project locations, including the Gazebo on the Upper Common, the Art Wall and the Fitchburg Public Library. See pictures of the event on our Facebook page or read about the coverage of the event by the Sentinel&Enterprise

Spring of 2017 saw a whole new phase in our We Love Our City Campaign! We reached out to new neighborhoods, like Cleghorn and West Fitchbrug, parks across the city, downtown and north of Main St. Watch this video showing the highlights, including signature projects at Reingold Elementary School!

Check out this video playlist of all our Fitchburg Clean Up days. These clips include visits to the different project sites we worked on, recap videos of each event and testimonies from the people affected.  


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